Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today I learned Many things.

1. I have 185.5 hours of community service.
2. My Novel will never be completed, i'm too much like F. Scott Fitzgerald, always editing and taking years to finish.
3. I know way too much about everyone around me.
4. I have no Idea what to get Jemma for her b-day. Maybe she could give me a hint.
5. My computer is very slow and has froze several times today.
6. My cousin had a boyfriend for 2 days before she told me she dumped him.
7. I need more music.

Geez, I haven't written in so long, I feel as if the world has changed so much. I'm trying to make up a playlist for writing, and it is not working out so well. I have added several songs, and need more that describe my novel. If any one has any songs that fit my synopsis then feel free to add to my list.


War is brewing in the realm of men, between those loyal to the king and those who side with evil. A poor peasant girl by the name of Kyra believes she won't get caught up in war, but eventually everyone does. While wandering through the fields, Kyra and her best friend Aradia come across a hidden chamber where Kyra leans the truth about her birth. it becomes evident that she is the kings daughter, his heir, and she must go in search of him to return her family to the throne. On her journey, kyra meets new freinds, loses many, finds love and becomes the warrior she never dreamed she would be.

I hope it doesn't sound like any novel you've read before, and I hope no one plans on writing it.

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  1. i would tell u what to get me for my birthday, except the fact is that i dont know what i want. im sure u will find something lovely though! i love the F. Scott Fitzgerald comment, its funny.