Friday, February 20, 2009

Stupid Characters

So Today, I was writing away at chapter forty eight out of fifty or sixty when BAM, my characters changed about 1/3 of my novel. Now i'm stuck, I have no idea how much of my original story will stay in tact, if any at all. I just picked up the pen and wrote "Part One Re-Plot" before the characters took over my brain. On Top of it all they changed their names. Now I have no idea which character is which, or where they came from. I also need help looking for a new name, i have had a few sugestions, but nothing screams war-fighting princess with magic to me yet. I will gladly take ideas, as well as any new character names and meanings (I have four characters with no names).
I guess it's back to square one, sorry NaNo.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

NaNoWrMo and stubborn characters

Back in November I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo). I completed my 50,000 words and was the first one to finish out of my competitors (AKA my friends). However, NaNo did not give me enough time to complete my work of art. I have been forced to cease writing because my characters are being stubborn. NONE of them will talk to me and tell me what to do. no one wants to die, no one wants the war to end. They're all being stubborn, and Ash knows what that is like. I am now stuck with several problems; What to call my characters, their names are getting so boring; and when one of then should die.

All the good Ideas are Taken

All the good ideas are taken
Don't you just hate how you get so many good ideas, only to find out they've already been written. It happens to me like every day, I write down a good idea and someone steals it like that overnight and it's becomes legand. Is there anything original left to write about. Everytime I come close to finishing a novel, I decide it sounds too much like Harry Potter of even Eragon. I will admit, I have yet to have a story turn out to be another Twilight. I have five chapters left in my latest novel, and it's starting to sound to much like the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. I just can't find anything to write about anymore.