Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Change in Plans

Well..... We rearrange our trip so that I can take Drivers Ed. yay me. Now I'll be alble to parallel park and drive in reverse. I need a lot of practice. I can't wait till this summer, suddently it seems less dull.

Life At It's Finest

So....Today I was going to sign up for Driver's Ed., Well it looks like i'll be spending the summer doing absolutely nothing. You see, I would be missing almost a week of Driver's Ed. and therefore cannot sign up because they will kick me out. This sucks even though I'm missing it for vacation. Well I'll live, I hope, and look foreward to do nothing with my free time. Here's to another boring summer.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Question: Why are words what they are? Why is a tree called a tree? Life called life? Why are we in such an order, and feel superior to other animals? Why does life go on as it does? Who made up words, and for what reason did they do it? Why has language formed in so many different ways, shapes and forms?