Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yesterday I printed some of my wounderful black and white pictures. I am absolutely in love with one I took of a sunrise. Everyone takes pictures of sunsets, but what about sunrises. I will definately have to upload it. I also found my amazing rocket ship picture and figured I might as well let the world see it. Isn't it awesome how the clouds lined up perfectly so i could take this shot. I love the colors that the sun created, and how it emphasises the picture as a whole.
The top photo is that of the Flying Dutchman, the actual Flying Dutchman. I love the way the grass is framing the bottom of the ship. Anyways, I love the Flying Dutchman, and pirates in general. If I could, i wouls sooooooooooo get married on it. actually i'd get married on any pirates ship.

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  1. the rocket ship is freaken awsome! i love it... itsn't it so cool what you shapes u can find when u look up at the sky?~jem